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The TLIon project («Tradizione della Letteratura Italiana online» - Tradition of Italian Literature online) promotes the study of the philological tradition of Italian literature, partly with the support of partners specialising in similar areas of research (see TLIon Net, Altri progetti (Other projects) and Partner). One of the aims of the project is to develop a data sheet-based databank (TLIon DB), which should sum up basic information about the tradition of Italian literary texts, by author and by work. Each data sheet, which may be eventually updated by the authors or by the project’s editorial board, should include a full list of surviving manuscript and printed documents and philological bibliography (editions and studies). In future it might include specific additional forms about manuscripts, ancient editions and philological bibliography: the TLIon MSS form is currently being developed. Anyone can apply to be the author of one or more data sheets (as laid down on the Utenti (Users) And Autori (Authors) page). TLIon DB can be freely consulted online.